Alonso in McLaren shocker

November 2, 2007 at 5:10 pm Leave a comment

I’m not sure you can technically call it news but Fernando Alonso and McLaren have parted company. To avid F1 watches this will come as no surprise. Heck, to those who have only half a pulse and need help urinating this won’t be a bolt from the blue.

Details are sketchy at the minute but the rumour in the paddock is that the terms of Alonso’s departure limit where he can drive in 2008.  The extreme view is that he is barred from competing for any of the manufacturer teams, which … err … leaves Red Bull, Williams, Spyker and Super Aguri —  not who’s who of the grid.

However, Alonso’s divorce from McLaren was all but guaranteed after the Hungaroring fiasco and he would have had some leverage in negotiations. I suspect that a deal of some sorts has been reached that prevents Alonso from joining either Ferrari or BMW while contracted as a McLaren driver (ie, for another two years).

As I mentioned a couple of days ago my sincere hope is that Alonso joins Toyota and tries to catapult them up the grid — with the resources at hand, Toyota could and should contend in a couple of years. I suspect a more likely scenario is either a return to Renault (although Alonso did poor cold water on that suggestion a few days ago) or a short stint at either Red Bull or Williams before joining either Ferrari or BMW in 2009.

Just because the season is over doesn’t mean the drama is muted.


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