Welcome to F1-Pitlane!

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Welcome to F1-Pitlane, a new website dedicated to F1 fans everywhere. Let me tell you a bit more about our plans for F1-Pitlane and what we will write about.

Our vision for F1-Pitlane is to provide comment, analysis and insight about the goings-on in the world of Formula 1. Want our take on the Hamilton and Alonso saga? Read our site. Should Kimi be allowed to keep the World Championship (yes)? Again, read the site. Intrigued about why some drivers are harder on their tyres than others; or whether it really matters that a couple of BMWs have been found with super-chilled fuel? Yup, we’ll have a view on that too. Where we differ from other F1 destinations is that our focus will be on comment on analysis and not on plain vanilla news, which you can get from most other F1 sites on the interweb. Our aim is to complement and not compete against the likes of Planet-F1 and Autosport.

At the moment we’re hosting the site at WordPress. This is only a temporary solution and soon work will get underway to move the site to a dedicated server. With that will come an updated site design rather than a standard WordPress template. Once the design is finalised it’ll be posted here. In fact, the banner you see on this very page will form part of the new site. The observant among you may notice the Est. 2008 in the lower right corner. That will coincide with our transfer to the dedicated site sometime in early 2008.

The above few paragraphs have been peppered with plural pronouns. Does that mean that F1-Pitlane will have multiple writers? Yes, that is very much the hope. My vision for F1-Pitlane is that it becomes the website of choice for amateur writing talent to proffer their petrol-headed views on F1. Over the coming few months I’ll be scouring the web for bloggers and writers to join the site. If you are interested in becoming part of this journey please let me know.

Finally let me tell you a little about me. I’m John Beamer and I live in London, England. I have been an F1 fan since the age of 9 when I watched Nigel Mansell blow a tyre as he seemed assured of winning the 1986 World Championship. I vividly remember the Senna/Prost battles of the late 80s; Mansell and Senna racing wheel-to-wheel as Williams finally ended the McClaren era; the rise of Schumacher and his astonishing transformation of the Tiffosi; and finally the unholy three-way fight for the 2007 crown. These memories and more have made F1 probably the best spectacle on earth. I look forward to delivering you the promise of making F1-Pitlane the destination for every F1 fanatic.

Happy reading.


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